I am a copywriter, editor, proofreader and author based in Norwich, UK. I have worked with a variety of agencies, brands and publishers, writing and editing for different audiences and mediums. Here you’ll find more information about me and my services, some top tips in my jotter, and what my clients really think of my work (don’t worry, it’s mainly good). If you have questions, would like a quote or fancy meeting over tea and cake, please get in touch.


Words are marvellous little things.

Words can communicate important information, increase sales, change people’s perceptions and be the difference between business success and failure. But words can also be tricky, and that’s where I come in.

I can help you develop a unique brand voice through engaging, targeted copy that reaches out and grabs your audience by the eyeballs. Here are some of the many things I can write words for:

– Websites
– Blog posts and mailers
– Print advertising and marketing materials
– Reports
– Scripts for adverts and promotional videos
– News, feature and promotional articles
– Interviews and transcripts
– Product descriptions


Editing is the difference between average and



Before spending resources on design and development, it’s wise to make sure your words are just how you want them, so time and money aren’t wasted on changes later on. I am able to edit both short and long copy, checking for meaning, tone and accuracy.

Whether it’s an annual company report, a direct marketing email or a larger project, a thorough edit can elevate your words from inconsistent and incoherent to perfected and poignant.


It’s like spellcheck, only smarter, and human.

Copy errors can cost money, confuse customers and damage your business’s reputation. A proofread is the final stage before printing, uploading or publishing your work and it’s the best way to avoid these errors.

I can alert you to any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, highlight inconsistencies, and make sure everything reads well and conforms to your style guidelines. And if you don’t have any existing guidelines, I can create some for you.

Typos are unprofessional, which is why it’s worth hiring a professional to fix them.

Book writing

For when Jon Krakauer doesn’t return your calls.

I am an experienced non-fiction author with 20 books under my belt. Among other things, I’ve written about unsolved crimes and famous assassinations, EastEnders and The Archers, and three books about LEGO. I’m represented by Isabel Atherton at Creative Authors.

If you’re a publisher in need of samples, blurbs, a rewrite or a whole book, I might just be the amiable author you’re looking for.


Knowledge is power and power tastes like glazed donuts.

Confused about commas? Shaky on style? Terrified of typos? If the answer’s yes, then my bespoke workshops are just what you need to brush up your skills and boost your confidence.

I offer competitively priced writing, editing and proofreading sessions to get you and your team on track. And because each business is different, each workshop is tailored to meet your needs.

Find out more about my packages and prices here.

More about me

I’ve spent over 10 years writing, editing and proofreading for advertising and marketing agencies, book publishers and magazines, both in-house and as a freelancer. I’m an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP).

I’ve interviewed filmmakers and farmers, spoken about Facebook on Polish TV, and written books on a variety of subjects. If you need a LEGO expert, I’m your woman. In 2017, I was interviewed for Channel 4’s LEGO Masters and Channel 5’s The Story of LEGO.

After stints in West Sussex, London and Canada, I moved to Norfolk’s fine city of Norwich where I’m never more than a short walk from a good portion of chips, a beautiful Broad or an Alan Partridge mural.

My clients

I’ve written copy for everything from fashion retailers, food standards organisations and event planners to insurance providers, care homes and holiday companies; I’ve edited and proofread for book publishers, magazines and marketers; and I’ve worked for agencies whose clients include some of the country’s biggest brands.

“I’ve worked with Sarah across a diverse range of magazines and found her to be a talented writer and diligent proofreader. She is lightning quick, efficient, and a good person to have around.”

Sue Dando, Archant Dialogue

“Sarah Herman is an extremely competent editor with a highly professional approach and creative flair. She’s resourceful and dependable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Lucy York, Quid Publishing

“I find Sarah to be incredibly efficient, with amazing attention to detail, and consistent in her delivery.”

Sarah-Lee Palmer-Hogan, The Ingénue

“Sarah has a wonderful flair for writing and was very easy to work with. We would recommend her in an instant.”

Gina Sell, The Fresh Network

“Having worked with Sarah across multiple projects and mediums, she’s now my go-to person for proofreading and a great writer too.”

Jeremy Power Regimbal, Co.Lab

“Sarah is great to work with. She intuitively gets what you're trying to achieve, and is diligent and thoughtful in her writing. A very talented writer.”

Mark Knower, Brighterkind

“Sarah always does excellent work and finishes within our publishing deadlines, even when the window is very tight. As an online magazine we take submissions from international authors and the regional variations are no hurdle for Sarah.”

David Jones, Kraxon Publishing

Contact me

If you think your project could benefit from my skills and experience, please get in touch.