The LEGO Historian

For those not up to date on all the latest LEGO goings-on, last year saw the release of brick building competition LEGO Masters on Channel 4 and The Story of LEGO on Channel 5. This is because LEGO is awesome and finally television has woken up to that fact. LEGO Masters is set to return in 2018 (whoop) – the LEGO brick’s 60th year. For some (i.e. my parents) the best thing about both of these shows was the inclusion of my head, which managed to speak about LEGO without sounding too ridiculous. WELL DONE ME.

This is me on LEGO Masters, mid-sentence, saying something very interesting about LEGO.

This is because I have written three books about LEGO (see below), making me somewhat of an expert on the subject.

I’d not been on TV before (other than that one episode of The Vanessa Show back in the late-nineties and an interview I did about Facebook for Polish television), so I was a bit nervous. Luckily, the amazing TV people were able to edit out all the times I sounded really silly. What they couldn’t edit out, however, was my very animated face that ended up doing things like this:

I’m sure I’m saying something important here too, on The Story of LEGO, but my face is too darn distracting.

If you want to become as knowledgeable as me about the history of LEGO, all the amazing things people build with LEGO bricks, and how to make your own LEGO stop-motion animation, then you might want to pick up the following:

Building a History (UK) or A Million Little Bricks (US)
Extreme Bricks
Brick Flicks 

If you’re a journalist or TV producer in need of a LEGO expert for your next project, I think you can tell from my expressive face that I’m the gal for the job! Please get in touch.