Make no mistake – proofreading is worth paying for

We all make mistakes – it’s why human nature is so damn adorable. I’m all about forgiveness when it comes to misguided political choices, alcohol-infused behaviour and the voice of the self-service checkout (she never shuts up about that bagging area). But when it comes to copy errors I’ve been known to lose my cool. I’m not talking about typos in The Guardian or messages from friends. Oh no. I’m talking about shouty, shoddy work on the side of buses, shops, wine bottles and the like. “DID THEY NOT USE A PROOFREADER?!” you may have heard me wailing from the cereal aisle. “THERE’S NO APOSTROPHE!” is another of my frequent retorts.

Mistakes like these are unprofessional and in some cases they can cause confusion, offence and financial loss to a business. Luckily, they’re also avoidable thanks to beady-eyed proofreaders like me. Yay!

Here are a few examples I spotted on a recent trip. If you have any of your own you think might amuse (i.e. terrify), please email them to me:

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If you want to make sure your shop signage, product packaging, website or graffiti mural is free from clangers like these, please get in touch.