Keeping calm and writing on

2020 has not been the year anyone was expecting.

From weddings to work goals, so much has been put on hold with no clear end point, no date in the diary when we can all come together to celebrate, graduate, commiserate, and obliterate our brain cells with a much-needed pint.

As a sole trader, hiking happily through the undulating landscape of self-employment, I’ve always been very lucky to have plenty of work, loyal clients, and new business trickling in on a regular basis.

This has changed that, although precisely how much it’s hard to tell.

What it’s not done is change the greater expectations I have for my business: the ambitions to grow my client list, collaborate with even more creatives, brands, and agencies, and develop my skills and share them with others.

That’s why at the start of the pandemic lockdown, I launched a series of social ads celebrating what I do and how I can inject creativity, deliver clarity, and avoid error, even during the pandemic.

Through words (what I do best) and attention-grabbing visuals, created by Ken Borg at Studio Mothership, I was able to remind my clients that I’m ready and waiting for them when it’s business as usual, while introducing myself to new faces on my social platforms.

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Whether you’re forging ahead with exciting new projects or just trying to stay afloat, if your business needs words that won’t take no for an answer, please get in touch.