Writing wrongs #4: it’s not OK

While to many people the difference between its and it’s is as clear as the difference between smoked salmon and pickled onions, for others there’s a gut-churning jolt of uncertainty every time they come to write either.

You’d be wrong if you thought you were the only one who rewrote sentences, removing the need for ‘i-t-s’ … Continue Reading

Writing wrongs #3: time to pay attention

Expressing time is an essential part of communication – when is the event happening? When will the shop be open? What time does the free bar end?

There are a few ways to communicate time and which you choose is a matter of editorial style. Yes, you read that right: you have a choice. But just … Continue Reading

Pretty advanced, pretty professional

Prepare to gasp in amazement. Last week I found out that I am now an Advanced Professional Member of the SfEP (that’s Society for Editors and Proofreaders for those of you not up to date on your acronyms).

‘Advanced’ doesn’t refer to the fact I’m getting older (I am) or that I’ve been gifted some kind … Continue Reading

Make no mistake – proofreading is worth paying for

We all make mistakes – it’s why human nature is so damn adorable. I’m all about forgiveness when it comes to misguided political choices, alcohol-infused behaviour and the voice of the self-service checkout (she never shuts up about that bagging area). But when it comes to copy errors I’ve been known to lose my cool. I’m … Continue Reading

Writing wrongs #2: that’s how(ever) for now!

‘However’ is often used incorrectly by all kinds of smart folks. And it’s used a lot. Unlike many more complicated things in English, there are hard and fast (and easy) rules to follow when you’re using this word, however you’re using it. Nail it and you’ll be smart and awesome and your writing will sparkle … Continue Reading

Writing wrongs #1: to dash or not to dash?

In the first of this series, in which I’ll be doing my best to steer you towards writing awesomeness, I’ll be taking a look at that ol’ family favourite – the dash.

Let me be straight with you. I ain’t talking about hyphens.

Dashes look like this: – (en dash/rule) or — (em dash/rule).
A hyphen is the teeny line … Continue Reading

Words, women and wonder

I’m currently editing copy for issue four of the dee-lightful Ingénue magazine. It’s a beautiful publication filled with interesting women doing interesting things, fabulous photography and fashion. Please check out their website and Facebook page for more info.

Watch this space

Thanks for checking out my jotter where I’ll be posting work updates, useful resources and top tips (and possibly some dog pictures). Please come again soon!