Keeping calm and writing on

2020 has not been the year anyone was expecting.

From weddings to work goals, so much has been put on hold with no clear end point, no date in the diary when we can all come together to celebrate, graduate, commiserate, and obliterate our brain cells with a much-needed pint.

As a sole trader, hiking happily through … Continue Reading

Writing wrongs #8: to affect or effect? That is the question

It’s late. You’ve been at work for hours, and that M&S pizza and large glass of red are calling you home. But you have to send one last email to your boss/a client/the love interest you’re trying to impress with your grasp of grammar before you leg it out the door. You’re typing away like … Continue Reading

The LEGO Historian

For those not up to date on all the latest LEGO goings-on, last year saw the release of brick building competition LEGO Masters on Channel 4 and The Story of LEGO on Channel 5. This is because LEGO is awesome and finally television has woken up to that fact. LEGO Masters is set to return in 2018 (whoop) … Continue Reading

Herman in residence

Krakow, Poland was my home for the whole of October. This was the view from my room at Villa Decius, where I was undertaking a writer’s residency as part of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature Residency Programme…

I divided my time between working, creating and coffee-drinking. I also got some dog-walking in … Continue Reading

Bowing down to the Bauhaus

In October I worked on this exciting new magazine – Bauhaus Now – celebrating 100 years of the Bauhaus movement. The first issue was released on 15 November 2017. It’s beautiful and brainy, and filled with interesting articles, artworks and stunning photography of some of the Bauhaus’s most inspired works of art, function and architecture.

This … Continue Reading

Does anything eat books?

I’m not one for needlessly celebrating every milestone or anniversary, but please humour me for a moment. September 2007 saw the release of the first book authored by yours truly. In the ten years since, I have written hundreds of thousands of words, for over twenty non-fiction titles. I’ve written about Facebook, LEGO, The Archers, … Continue Reading

Inside my toolbox

There are a few things I can’t work without.

New Hart’s Rules
Pencil sharpener
Black pen
Red pen
Mug of tea, with almond milk
Post-its (original flavour)
Chocolate digestives

Other things (like silence and a suitable height desk) are negotiable. Chocolate digestives are not.