Hey big spenders

Recently, I’ve been putting out editorial flames all over the place, and as a result I’ve neglected my jotter. Never fear! A recent trip to Leeds, which included rain, delicious falafel and a couple of delayed trains, provided a few brilliant #shouldhavehiredaproofreader spots from some big-spending brands. Shame they didn’t have money in the budget for proofreading professionals!

New, contemporary and Japanese, but ignorant of the importance of possessive apostrophes and the use of commas.

According to OED, mens is an English regional noun meaning “neatness, tidiness; newness, gloss”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what Reiss is selling. If it’s a shop for men, it’s a men’s shop.

That said, we all make mistakes (even me!), and if there’s one thing I learnt from reading the signage of Leeds, it’s that those Yorkshire folk are not to be messed with (and that I’m part of a vaping dynasty).

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