Good things come in book-sized packages

With the holidays a’ coming, it’s time to wrap up warm, head on out to your local bookstore (wassup Book Hive!) and pick up some papery presents for your nearest and dearest. Books are usually on my list for Santa, too, and I love having a stack of new titles to get me through the winter months. Whether you donate books to charity shops when you’re done or you have more tomes than the British Library, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, well, they’re books! Yay!

Brand-new design, brand-new words, brand-new brick!

If you’re stuck for ideas for the LEGO lovers in your life, may I rather presumptuously recommend the new edition of The LEGO Book by DK. It’s the ultimate encyclopaedia for AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO, obvs.) and little ones alike, and it comes with a rather swanky exclusive brick. It’s also a project I worked on earlier in the year.

Put your relationship to the test!

Summersdale publishes an impressive range of humour and gift titles – you’re probably already familiar with their hugely successful F in Exams series. They also happen to be one of my clients. This year I put together this fun little quiz book, How Well Do You Really Know Your Partner?, which is the perfect way for couples to spend that lull between Christmas and New Year’s, as long as you don’t get into a huge fight over your answers.

If you want a beautiful picture book, suitable for graphic novel lovers and children, then I must recommend The Only Child by Guojing. It came out in 2016, and was a Eisner nominee. A wonderfully moving story, it’s got a haunting, dreamy quality that’s perfect for long winter nights. Or for foodie fans who’ve yet to sample the delights of Polish cooking, what about treating them to a copy of Zuza Zak’s Polska. Hmmm… dumplings.

Whatever books you’re stuffing stockings with this winter, may your holiday season be filled with cheer and chocolate!