In the absence of heroes

Pointing out other people’s errors can be a thankless job. After all, nobody likes to be told they’re wrong. Editors and proofreaders are the unsung heroes of all the things we read. From signage to websites, they swoop in and snuff out tiny mistakes before they become full-blown billboardian disasters.

When you go to the cinema, don’t forget to mind your pease and Qs.

Unfortunately, unlike Marvel’s band of misfits, who don’t wait for an invitation to save the world, someone has to hire an editorial professional in advance. Once something’s posted, printed or projected (as in the case of my AMAZING local cinema above) without being checked, the damage has been done. Of course reprints do happen and online content can be updated and reposted. But if your readers, audience, or fan base have already had a good chuckle over your big blunder, then your credibility has already been called into question, your brand has already been tarnished, and the attention you were hoping to draw to your new product/offer/event has already been lost – your error now the sole focus of the punter’s attention.

Probably the most exciting omission of an apostrophe in the world…

Chances are most of what you read on a daily basis has had a small army of editorial eyes save it from certain destruction. You don’t notice, because you don’t spot any errors. It’s only when people skip the step of calling in the professionals that you start to see the world of words falling apart. When I witness howlers like these, I wish there was some kind of Bat-Signal system for proofreading: a giant semi-colon beamed above the city at night, warning all those who dare to do without.

When you remember to put the apostrophe in Mother’s Day and then shove one into mums just for good measure.

If you need an editorial superhero to come and save the day (or at least spot the errors), please get in touch.