Books, glorious books!

Last year, as well as appearing on television TWICE, discussing how truly awesome LEGO is, I wrote these two new non-fiction titles. Yay me! Researching and writing non-fiction is a big part of what I do, and it’s so satisfying to see these lovely little book puppies in print.

Can’t decide between them? GET THEM BOTH! NOW! You know you want to!

Who Knew? is filled with weird and wonderful questions like: “Who invented the bra clasp?” “Can you unboil an egg?” and “What happened to the Mona Lisa’s eyebrows?” And Unsolved Crimes, which for a true crime fan like me was super-fun to work on, includes classic cases like Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer, and the disappearance of Judge Crater (sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t manage to solve any of them).

They’re both in bookstores now, and Who Knew? is available here too.